Thursday, November 3, 2011

What I am working on

Beautiful job Rose on Lauren's sampler. I too am awaiting on the La D Da sampler.

I have been busy charting a new sampler. I don't know how I found time to do the charting with everything....yes I do I stayed up to 3:00 a.m. a couple nights. I also started my basting for the Sherri Jones class next March.

Haven't had the opportunity to paint the frame LZ's husband did such a nice job on.

Also just signed up for Tricia of Thistle Threads online class for the casket next year. She always does such a nice job.
Back to my dissertation.....



  1. WOW, Robin, that class is absolutely amazing.
    I wish you well, and can hardly wait to see what you create...a long time from now!

    Still burning the midnight oil, huh? I find myself going to bed earlier now that it is chilly. Sometimes between the flannel sheets is the only really warm place here (have to save on the heat bill, you know).

    By charting, does that mean you are working on another reproduction? Look forward to seeing that, too.

    Take care and thanks for responding.

  2. Robin, I am likewise amazed at your willingness to take on a project that long-term. I hope you keep us posted on your progress with LOTS of pictures.

  3. I know I am crazy. That should come as no surprise to anyone. I think I did it just to get my mind off of the dissertation, or to reward myself. LOL I received my La D Da chart today in the mail. Anyone else started this one yet? I have posted a picture or my newest sampler acquisition on my blog if you are interested in seeing it.

  4. Robin, I took a peek at your latest acquisition. I really like the muted colors. Can't tell what it says.

    Every time you share more info about what is going on, I continue to be amazed!

    Busy, busy, busy!

    I haven't even seen the LaDDa pattern yet. I'm going to pick it up Wednesday.

    I've started Loose Feathers Autumn, but it is slow go. I've been busy and was having a lot of thread problems...knots galore. I hope I'm out of that phase now.

    Have fun, everyone.