Saturday, May 28, 2011

This is a shot from Tuesday night, Mine is on the bottom, Bobbi's is on top. I am just now connecting the bottom edge then I will add the other colors.

Friday, May 27, 2011

My Border So Far

Well, I had hoped to get more stitching done on the border this week, but, as often happens, life took over!

Part Two will be out in two to two and a half weeks...I hope to get some stitching in this weekend.

Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day 2011 Weekend everyone.

So far I have used the WDW specified
 and am happy with the results.

How many of you have started?  According to the handful that have participated in the poll, most of us are using the materials called least so far.

It has been interesting for me to see four different starts on this and the various philosophies used when starting the project.

Wonder what comes next...and how big the stitched-over-one part will be!  I hope the over one part is lettering.  It seems like that would be easier to make sure you don't make a mistake.  I must say, though, that I'm not having a hard time seeing this fabric.  So far, so good.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Please Vote in the Poll

I know Robin is having some doubts as to whether she will use the WDW linen selected for this sampler. 
I almost switched to something lighter in color.  I know a couple of others have started on the WDW, but might be having second thoughts.  Please take take the poll to the right and let us know your feelings.

Also, I have sent an invitation to The Crafty Ewe to forward to the others who purchased this project from there to check out our blog and join if they would like.  I hope to get some new participants here soon.

Who has started stitching? 


Friday, May 13, 2011

Mystery Clue No. 1

Here is a picture of my kit to begin Birds of a Feather.  Unfortunately the photo is terrible...colors are washed out compared to the actual colors of the linen and some fibers.  All are much prettier than shown here.  I'm about to cut into my fabric and begin.

By the way, the initial description of this project mentioned 18 skeins of WDW.  There are now actually 19 skeins.  Those of us doing this on 40 count definitely will not need the 19.  Just thought I'd give you the heads up.  One color has two skeins, another has three.

Somehow my post about everyone's materials got deleted.  Here's the scoop in case you didn't see it:
Toni and Sandy - will pick up their own kits at The Ewe
Linda, Sue, and Diane -  Carol has yours in Canton...soon to be in your hands
Shirley - you can pick up your kit here Tuesday night
Rose and Lenore - I have your patterns here
Robin - Will be mailing yours

Here's my less than wonderful photo.  Hope to see lots from all of you as we progress.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Part One Is In Hand

Hi, flock members.

Carol and I hastily met at The Ewe this afternoon to pick up Part One of the Mystery for our members.

Toni and Sandy - we left yours at the shop for you to pick up at your leisure.

Linda, Sue, and Diane - Carol will be bringing your items to Canton on Friday.

Shirley -  I will have your kit for you on Tuesday evening.

Lenore and Rose - I have your patterns here.  Hope you didn't mind me picking them up for you.

Robin -  I have your kit.  Will try to mail tomorrow, but in all probability it will more than likely be Friday before I can get to that.

All I can say is the threads are beautiful - very rich looking against the linen.  I just figured I would change to a lighter color linen (like bisque!).  Most of you know how I am!  But, I'm actually thinking of using the suggested fabric and fibers.  Woman's prerogative to change her mind, however. (Is that spelled right???
I can't believe that is spelled right!)

I don't know whether I can put together a photo that shows the colors accurately at this point, with the fading evening light.  Besides, I am yearning just to take some time out and sit on the patio for a little.  I've been busy all day long.  I might just tease you until tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a chance for a little outdoor time today.  Beautiful.  I'm going to enjoy some now.

Be well.


No update on Birds of a Feather yet...I'll check with The Ewe later.

For those bird feeding enthusiasts (Rose and others)
if you haven't read Brenda's blog the past two days, be sure to check it out. 
Incredible pictures and lots of info. 
I'm going to try to get to Wild Birds Unlimited this afternoon, time allowing.

The link to Brenda's blog is in the right margin.

Enjoy the day.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Running Late

I just talked to Pat at The Crafty Ewe.  She checked with Norden this morning and the patterns, etc.
for The Ewe won't ship until tomorrow.  Bummer.  I was wondering what I am going to stitch on tomorrow night, so now I know what it won't be! My main projects are giving me a headache right now.  I went back to the small BBD projects from A Stitcher's Journey last night and decided I am in the mood for some more easy stuff until I figure out what to do about the birth sampler.

Just thought I'd give anyone who checks in here the heads up about what to expect.

Enjoy the day.  The real spring has arrived!

Friday, May 6, 2011

What Are You Working On?

What's everyone working on?  We'd like to hear about your current top two or three projects and how they are going.  Feel free to answer in a comment or in your own post.  Pictures would be great, too, for any adventurous ones out there!

I'm working on a self-designed birth sampler for Izzie.  I have hit a bump in the road, though, because I have decided I don't like the fabric I've been working on.  It's not the delicate fabric I used for my great niece's birth sampler, and the moon just isn't showing up at all.  I haven't decided what to do about it.

I started the Soar sampler from Brenda Gervais, but am really poking along on it.  Next week is the last week that photos will be shown in this SAL, and I doubt that I'll have enough finished to bother sending in.  Some have finished already.  They are really cute.  You can see them in today's post on her blog shown in the right margin.

I need to get back into BBD's Anniversaries of the Heart.  I have all the patterns now, but am six months behind!  This is one of my contract pieces for sampler guild, so I should get addicted to that piece again.

Sandy said she is working on her contract piece...I forget what it is.  Toni is in a cast, but I heard she did get a few stitches in.  Linda...what are you up to?  What five major projects have you finished since I saw you last?!  BTW, Linda...I saw your Mrs. Waddelow (?) on Ellen Chester's blog today.  I think that was my first visit to that blog.  The photos were nice, but didn't show all the true beauty of your project.

Let's see or hear what you are stitching!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

By the Way

By the case you are wondering and can't put your finger on it, I have written down that the size of this sampler will be 173 stitches x 190 stitches.

I talked to Carol at The Ewe this morning about something else.  She is just back from her adventures in Costa Rica and has some fun stories to tell.  I think she thought she was either on Survivor or The Amazing Race!  Anyway, she hasn't heard anything yet on shipment of the samplers, but I asked her to call me ASAP when she does.  It would be nice if they arrived Monday or Tuesday, so we could distribute some of them.

Rain, rain...go away...

Thanks Bobbi.

Thanks Bobbi for setting this blog up and picking up my parts. Look forward to working with everyone.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Blog Invitations Sent Out

Invitations have been sent to nine of you.  I thought I'd have a chance to explain what they were, but they were just sent out...I'm learning this part today!

I hope most or all of you will participate (see earlier post).

Let's Get Off to a Flying Start!

Hi, Gals -

We are getting close to the May 10th start of the Birds of a Feather Stitch ALong (SAL) from Brenda Gervais of With thy Needle and Thread.  I just emailed her and asked whether the first pattern would be in the shops by May 10.  She said that the distributor was working toward that goal, but, of course, actual dates might vary with shipping distances, etc.  It soulds like everything could be available at The Ewe on the 10th.

I told Robin that I will pick up her things and mail them to her.  Linda - Carol will bring your items to Canton for you.  I assume everyone else will pick up their own orders and/or pick up for friends, etc.  Let me know if I can help anyone.

This blog will be one that each of the eleven participants in our group will be able to post thoughts and photos to as we progress through this SAL.  It should be a fun summer project.

Posting isn't hard, but some of you will have a little learning to do.  If you don't already have a Google account, I would suggest opening one (don't forget to write down your password!).  You will need to load digital photos onto your computer, if you plan to post photos...and photos make everything more fun.  Again, this isn't difficult.  Maybe a nearby friend or relative can help you get started.  I'll try to help those that I see often.  In some cases, maybe a friend can post for you.  The more the merrier, so I hope I can motivate most of you to participate.

Our blog address will be

To post to this blog, go to and our blog should come up.  Go to New Post.  Type what you would like to say.  To post a photo, hit the Insert Image button.  This will allow you to browse through the photos that you have loaded onto your computer and saved with a title so you can find them (!) and then follow the steps to post to the blog.  Once you are happy with what you have done, just click on Publish Post.

Some of you will know this.  Some of you might have a little trouble at first.  All of you can learn this!  It will be fun.  It will!

More soon.