Tuesday, May 3, 2011

By the Way

By the way...in case you are wondering and can't put your finger on it, I have written down that the size of this sampler will be 173 stitches x 190 stitches.

I talked to Carol at The Ewe this morning about something else.  She is just back from her adventures in Costa Rica and has some fun stories to tell.  I think she thought she was either on Survivor or The Amazing Race!  Anyway, she hasn't heard anything yet on shipment of the samplers, but I asked her to call me ASAP when she does.  It would be nice if they arrived Monday or Tuesday, so we could distribute some of them.

Rain, rain...go away...


  1. Got my invitation! Thanks for doing this, Bobbi!

  2. Welcome, Toni. I like your "photo"!

    Hope you're having a good weekend and that you don't have body ailments predicting this weather!

    See ya soon.