Monday, May 9, 2011

Running Late

I just talked to Pat at The Crafty Ewe.  She checked with Norden this morning and the patterns, etc.
for The Ewe won't ship until tomorrow.  Bummer.  I was wondering what I am going to stitch on tomorrow night, so now I know what it won't be! My main projects are giving me a headache right now.  I went back to the small BBD projects from A Stitcher's Journey last night and decided I am in the mood for some more easy stuff until I figure out what to do about the birth sampler.

Just thought I'd give anyone who checks in here the heads up about what to expect.

Enjoy the day.  The real spring has arrived!


  1. Was hoping to have another new start tomorrow, Wish the middle and end of projects had as much appeal for me.. Oh well, call it spring fever.....finally! See you in about 18 1/2 hours.