Friday, May 13, 2011

Mystery Clue No. 1

Here is a picture of my kit to begin Birds of a Feather.  Unfortunately the photo is terrible...colors are washed out compared to the actual colors of the linen and some fibers.  All are much prettier than shown here.  I'm about to cut into my fabric and begin.

By the way, the initial description of this project mentioned 18 skeins of WDW.  There are now actually 19 skeins.  Those of us doing this on 40 count definitely will not need the 19.  Just thought I'd give you the heads up.  One color has two skeins, another has three.

Somehow my post about everyone's materials got deleted.  Here's the scoop in case you didn't see it:
Toni and Sandy - will pick up their own kits at The Ewe
Linda, Sue, and Diane -  Carol has yours in Canton...soon to be in your hands
Shirley - you can pick up your kit here Tuesday night
Rose and Lenore - I have your patterns here
Robin - Will be mailing yours

Here's my less than wonderful photo.  Hope to see lots from all of you as we progress.


  1. Correction to the above...blogger won't let me edit my post right now...
    There are 4 skeins of kudzu and 2 skeins of sage.

  2. Has anyone thought about changing the linen color? Just curious.