Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Part One Is In Hand

Hi, flock members.

Carol and I hastily met at The Ewe this afternoon to pick up Part One of the Mystery for our members.

Toni and Sandy - we left yours at the shop for you to pick up at your leisure.

Linda, Sue, and Diane - Carol will be bringing your items to Canton on Friday.

Shirley -  I will have your kit for you on Tuesday evening.

Lenore and Rose - I have your patterns here.  Hope you didn't mind me picking them up for you.

Robin -  I have your kit.  Will try to mail tomorrow, but in all probability it will more than likely be Friday before I can get to that.

All I can say is the threads are beautiful - very rich looking against the linen.  I just figured I would change to a lighter color linen (like bisque!).  Most of you know how I am!  But, I'm actually thinking of using the suggested fabric and fibers.  Woman's prerogative to change her mind, however. (Is that spelled right???
I can't believe that is spelled right!)

I don't know whether I can put together a photo that shows the colors accurately at this point, with the fading evening light.  Besides, I am yearning just to take some time out and sit on the patio for a little.  I've been busy all day long.  I might just tease you until tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a chance for a little outdoor time today.  Beautiful.  I'm going to enjoy some now.

Be well.

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