Friday, January 27, 2012

What's everyone doing?

Hi Bobbi,

How are you doing? Has anyone completed their pre-stitching for Sherri's class? I actually have a few panels done. Hope everyone is having a good year.



  1. I have the pinkeep stitched and outlined all the other pieces with long arm. I'm working on the needlecase. I believe Rose has completed hers. Hopefully I can stitch some this weekend.

  2. Hi, Robin -

    I hear we will be spending a weekend together in September. Looking forward to it. Hope we get a big turnout!

    I'm not taking Sheri's class. I don't do those little piecy parts projects. Rose has a lot done...not sure if she has completed it. Carol has a little bit done.

    Take care.

    1. Thanks Bobbi I am looking forward to it too. Have you been catching up on your stitching?


  3. Hi everyone - I'm planning on coming on Friday for the Harvest Moon box - but not the rest of the weekend. Looking forward to coming in Sept to the getaway and my friend Marian is coming with me. You all have a lot of stitching done...beautiful work!

  4. Hi, Sandy -

    Good to hear from you. Belated Happy Birthday! I hope the two little gals are doing well.

    I'm planning to go to The Crafty Ewe weekend also. Had a lot of fun last year despite the fact that my room mate couldn't make it! She's signed up for this year, though.

    I've been stitching on little things here and there, and mostly been blogging here: oh, I don't know why sometimes I can create a link and sometimes I can't...

    Hope everyone is well. See some of you at Sampler Guild this week.