Sunday, February 24, 2013

I've Seen Some Fun Projects in Progress Lately

So, what is everyone working on?

How are you coming on Lauren's Mistress L's sampler?  I know some haven't started yet; some have a small start (me, for one); some are doing fairly well; and some are doing very well.  I will definitely have many new photos of this piece to share with you next month.

I have been stitching on the Attic Needlework's 2013 SAL, The Ann Bowers Sampler from The Examplarery.  I am in line with the February schedule so far, which is a victory for me.  Hope I don't stray too far from Ann.  I changed three colors in her, and am liking what I am doing very much. I became slightly obsessed with this sampler over the past month when it has been very cold and/or very snowy.  I also joined NetFlix at the same time so I can watch all the popular series like Downton Abbey, House of Cards (BBC and NetFlix versions, etc.)  The TV watching is great company with the stitching, or vice versa. Photos of Ann to come soon.

Yesterday I went up to Perrysburg, Ohio to stitch with some friends of ours.  Lots of stitching, chitchat, laughter...a really fun day.  Some of us walked to Thrush's Baking Store/Bakery and to a wonderful yarn shop, Yarn Cravin', after lunch.  I hurried through the baking store despite the fact that it was VERY interesting, in order to get to the yarn shop.  Got into some trouble there, but I have done a lot of knitting since October, so I thought that effort was worth it.  I'm still only knitting scarves, but they are much fancier scarves now.  Would love to have a shop like this one locally.  There were a bunch of women in there knitting or crocheting.  I'm not sure whether they were in classes or just a knit along type thing.

Hope to hear from some of you, despite the fact that this blog has been severely neglected.  Please post a comment or a separate post if you can, or email me a photo of what you are up to so I can post your picture for you.

Be back soon...

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  1. Wow another blog active!!! Hey Robin.....How are you doing with the L sampler. I hope to get back to it this wk.