Monday, June 13, 2011

It's an Indigo Bunting!

The bird that has been peeking at us for a couple months from part two is an Indigo Bunting.  (See Brenda's blog for what that particular bird means to her.)  Looks kind of faded out for an I.B., but I guess that's the antique look of a faded sampler, and artistic license.  Will be interesting to see if we have any thread changes on that.

I forgot to call The Ewe to see if the patterns came in today.  Does anyone know?  Carol can pick them up tomorrow if they do come in by the time her hair appointment is over.


  1. Part 2 just came in while Carol was there checking. Carol is picking up ALL ELEVEN in our group. I will mail Robin's and Linda's.

    Toni and Sandy...hope it's OK that we're picking up yours. I doubt that either of you are in a super fast hurry, and we'll be seeing you soon. If you want them mailed, or something, let me know.