Saturday, October 8, 2011

What's Everyone Working On?

Hi, Gals. Isn't this October weather just the greatest?

What's everyone working on? I was hoping to be half way through Summer Loose Feathers part 2, but obviously that isn't happening. This will probably hit the shops at the same time that the La D Da part 1 hits. I was so hoping to be able to keep current on those. Oh well.

In addition to the usual WIP stash I have going, I am working on the October Word Play from With thy Needle and Thread. It's a simple little quickie that I will make into a pillow. I have to stitch fast, so I can start the November design in a timely fashion. I'm just using my own color choices, so it's not a big investment. I'll post pix next week.

Let us know what you're working on. Would love to see some photos of any finished - or not- Chocolat pieces (especially that darling little bunny)- or anything else that you are stitching on. I haven't done any more on my Birds of a Feather, even though I now have the frame for it. Bad.

Enjoy favorite month!

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  1. Well no chance to work on Chocolot or the Acorn piece by Jackie. Haven't finished the pre-stiching for Michigan Guild's Sherri Jones class.... life has just been too busy. Have ordered this La D Da piece also. When I will stitch it nobody knows. Just finished two reproduction samplers for SANQ. (Dissertation is not being touched much---need to get back to that.) Classes just keeping me too busy.

    I love the frame that Linda's husband did for our mystery sampler! Need to find time to get it painted.

    I purchased a new, beautiful Scottish sampler pattern from Amy Mitten. Here website is very nice if you haven't checked it out yet:

    Have a great weekend everyone!